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Eventide Staff

Hi radioghost,

Thanks for checking out the Pitchfactor.  Yes it can be adusted in 1 cent increments up to 50 cents either way.  There are two shifters in that algorithm, one does the + direction and the other does the – direction, and you can use both at the same time.  In addtion, with Micropitch, you can modulate the shifting for a detuned sound with some movement. 

You can also get a micropitch type sound with the H910/H949 algorithm.  This algorithm s a model of Eventide's legacy rack gear that was originally used to create these classic detuned sounds.  The trick back then (70s and 80s) was just that you had to be able to afford two of them!  The H910/H949 algorithm in the Pitchfactor basically gives you two legacy Eventide boxes in one small (and affordable) space.