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Josh Fiden


The Voodoo Lab ISO-5's 12VDC output is conservatively rated at 300mA.

It can supply 12VDC @ 400mA with all outputs fully loaded and low
AC line level.

The ISO-5 can easily run one Factor pedal from its 12VDC/300mA output.

This information is exactly correct. The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5 will easily provide 400mA continuously from its 12VDC output. Properly powering Eventide stompboxes was an important design goal. We have tested this extensively over the wide range of AC line conditions found on stage, as well as providing a Pedal Power ISO-5 to Eventide for their evaluation.

We recently conducted a critical listening test with the Time Factor selecting between regulated 9VDC, regulated 12VDC, and the supplied Eventide adapter. We could not detect any discernible differences in sound or operation. Since the supplied Eventide adapter provides approximately 12VDC when powering their stompboxes, we recommend using the regulated 12VDC output from the Pedal Power ISO-5.


Josh Fiden

Founder / CEO