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BTW – Here's a photo of my Gig Rig (full midi) and Eventides.  Powered by Gig Rig Evenflow adapters.  No affiliation…just a happy camper.  Still finalizing some of the dirt boxes – and just added an Xotic EP Booster right next to the tap tempo.

Right now the one tap tempo is going into the TF, which is then feeding time info to the MF.  I have one expression for both with is on a Y-cable.  When I was just running it into the TF and passing through midi to the MF, it was doing some weird stuff (can't remember exactly what, but I remember there was a reason I switched to the Y cable).

The Gig Rig sends program change messages on the Bypass and Aux switches too – so there's really 16 program change messages that can be sent.

The two rails (top and bottom rows) can each be set to single or multi mode.  In multi mode, you can "stack" presets on the gig rig either on the same rail, or across rails.  Here's where it gets a little tricky:

With the full midi mod, the bottom rail works a little differently in multi mode.  In normal multi mode, when you add a preset – you can remove it by just clicking that preset again.  After the full midi mod – you can still stack presets on the bottom rail, but you can't remove them individually, you can only clear the whole rail by hitting the bypass switch.

For midi – the Factor units only respond to the last message sent.  I'm still trying to figure out the best mode setup for me.  Whether I will just program 14 individual presets and call it a day, or whether I want to say….program 7 gain structures, then have 7 time/mod effects on the other rail….so I can match any gain sound with any time/mod preset.

Anyway….it's awesome, and I love it.