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      Is anyone here using a Gigrig for midi control on the Timefactor?

      I'm trying to set it up so that my Pro 14 can switch banks and tap tempo in Bank mode but am having no joy.

      The Timefactor is definitely getting the signal – when I press the Gigrig switch, it selects banks on the Timefactor automatically (it must be some kind of default setting or something, it does it with no set up as soon as I plug the cable in)

      The problem comes when I try to assign the Gigrig switches to the Bank Down function. I select RCV CTL, find Bank Down, press the right button twice to go to LEARN, but nothing happens when I press the Gigrig footswitches.

      I've tried manually assigning Bank Down to a CC number, but haven't had much luck then.

      Anyone else have a similar problem?

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      Eventide Staff

      As far as I can see, the Pro14 has no MIDI capabilities, so I assume you are trying to use the foot-switches.

      Your problem is probably that you are using the MIDI settings (e.g. RCV CTL) when you should be using the AUX SW settings.

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      Hi nick
      Thanks for the reply. 
      You can get the pro 14 with midi implemtation, which mine has. 
      It seems to work assigning presets, but not to control banks,tap tempo etc. 
      Is there anything obvious that I'm doing wrong? This should work.

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      Eventide Staff

      You will know more about the Gigrig than I do, especially as it is sitting in front of you. The manual on their Web Site does not mention MIDI.

      Assuming that you are controlling the 'Factor with MIDI, it may be that you are only generating MIDI Program Changes, which allow you to load presets, but not Continuous Controllers (CC), which are needed to control banks, tap tempo etc.

      Some lesser pedal boards only offer Program Change without CC – since I cannot find the Gigrig MIDI info I don't know if it falls into this group.

      Is it possible that you have a MIDI 8  rather than a Pro 14 ? This looks like a Pro 14 but has MIDI. It can be programmed to either send CC OR Program Change – not both. This could explain your problems.

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      I am using my Pro 14 (full midi mod) with two Eventide units:  Time and Modfactors.

      My full midi mod GR sends program change messages only.  So the Gig Rig can change presets, or (as of the latest Eventide software update) send the factors into bypass mode.

      I don't think you can program it to change banks but – since you can program it to change presets….I'm not sure why you would want to?

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      Hi Cacibi

      The kind of band I play in requires a bit more flexibility i.e. being able to go back to a previous setting, tapping in a new tempo with the same settings (while in Bank mode) etc

      I know that you can do this with an external footswitch, but I wondered whether this functionality was available for a midi controller.

      Do change messages include bank up and down?

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      No – as far as I know you cannot change banks with the program change messages.  I'm sure one of the moderators will correct me if I'm wrong here.

      According to the Timefactor manual (page 35) it looks like you need to be transmitting a Continuous Control message to change banks via Midi, or input tap tempo.  The Gig Rig sends only Program Change messages.

      If you were using a midi controller that sent Continuous Control messages, you could set it up to control these functions.

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      Eventide Staff


      you cannot change banks with the program change messages

      Correct. Not sure why you would need to.

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      BTW – Here's a photo of my Gig Rig (full midi) and Eventides.  Powered by Gig Rig Evenflow adapters.  No affiliation…just a happy camper.  Still finalizing some of the dirt boxes – and just added an Xotic EP Booster right next to the tap tempo.

      Right now the one tap tempo is going into the TF, which is then feeding time info to the MF.  I have one expression for both with is on a Y-cable.  When I was just running it into the TF and passing through midi to the MF, it was doing some weird stuff (can't remember exactly what, but I remember there was a reason I switched to the Y cable).

      The Gig Rig sends program change messages on the Bypass and Aux switches too – so there's really 16 program change messages that can be sent.

      The two rails (top and bottom rows) can each be set to single or multi mode.  In multi mode, you can "stack" presets on the gig rig either on the same rail, or across rails.  Here's where it gets a little tricky:

      With the full midi mod, the bottom rail works a little differently in multi mode.  In normal multi mode, when you add a preset – you can remove it by just clicking that preset again.  After the full midi mod – you can still stack presets on the bottom rail, but you can't remove them individually, you can only clear the whole rail by hitting the bypass switch.

      For midi – the Factor units only respond to the last message sent.  I'm still trying to figure out the best mode setup for me.  Whether I will just program 14 individual presets and call it a day, or whether I want to say….program 7 gain structures, then have 7 time/mod effects on the other rail….so I can match any gain sound with any time/mod preset.

      Anyway….it's awesome, and I love it.

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      I use all 3 stompboxes (TF, PF, MF) with a gig rig pro 14 but with the partial (bottom rail) midi mod only. And yes, you can only do program changes. I also use an RJM mini amp gizmo to switch my channels as well with it. I'm actually just limited to 7  midi presets as of now but I love the fact that I can just turn on any loop on the fly with a push of a dip switch. I have on order a compact 4 preset/button midi foot controller that I will connect the eventide stompboxes just for midi switching (PCs and CCs  ) and use it with the gigrig pro 14 so i can actually save more presets into banks whether I use 1 pedal or a combination of all three.

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      Hi There!

      I was wondering how you are making out with your GR, TF, and MF? I ask because I just got a MIDI 8 and a MF to go along with my TF and I can't seem to get them "talking". I'm able to get the presets to change on the TF but not on the MF. I also don't seem to be able to control the travel on the expression peal I'm using. It's frustrating because if I can get this working, I think I will have hit Utopia with the set up I have now.

      It's probably something very basic that I'm missing but I'm not very slick when it comes to MIDI to be honest. Any help you can offer would be really appreciated!


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