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I'm ready tp just give up.

Operative questions seem to be:

what midi interfaces will work with parallels? If not, with bootcamp? My motu and midiman don't weem to work with parallels and windows 7. Do I really need to install windows drivers for these? (for instance, my audio interface has no windows drivers, but parallels passes it along just fine). In any case, neither the motu or the midman have windows 7 drivers, at least that will install successfully.

What about xp mode? Apparenlty the hardware doesn't support it, but there is a 'hot fix'? Lots of warning about that. Is this worth attempting? Of course, the question is whether the windows midi drivers are necessary.

Sorry for the frustration – I've had people tell me for a long time (not on this forum) that upgrading to an intel mac would allow me to do stuff like this. but it seems like  none of them have actually done any of it. I've gotten no really helpful results on any forum about how to get this all working.

As far as I can tell, the only thing that prevents me from getting the vsig editor working is midi support. Has anyone done this on a mac? What midi interface are you using?