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Look, I'm not asking for a unit to be $20 more for better hardware – not even $10.  I did a quick "google shopping" search sorted by price and found some for $2.30 each ($2 if you buy in bulk).  

The math – less whatever the current hardware is – like $2-3 per unit?  I admit, I'm not in manufacturing – maybe it's the labor that's the factor… whatever, I can't say what the company should and shouldn't do.

Just want to give some feedback though and see if others have had similar issues.  Peterson is a great example of how they listened to their customers and had the opportunity to change things.  People gave their thoughts on the cheaper plastic jacks they were using and the company found a way to upgrade their components without charging more per unit.  I for one would like to see the TF upgraded with better footswitches – that's all.