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An effect such as delay needs to have the input level programmable. Mix is just the mix, but the input level would be the right parameter for this. When backing off the pedal, it only backs off the signal to the delay, resulting in the remaining repeats to trail out in the level prior to the expression pedal!

Like you said, it can be done with a parallel system. you need a mixer, and a volume pedal before the delay!

This has a down side to it; what if you wouldn't like to have this as a global setup? Doing this manually with a volume pedal will require the pedal to be fixed to this control, rarther than having an expression pedal which might/could be setup for different purposes on different presets!!

I would love to have this "fading delay" thing going on, but I would only use it on lead presets. I have different use for the exp.pedal for other stuff! So I'm forced to live with the mix parameter, It'll have to do for now, since I'm using a serila setup!


PS: wouldn't mind if you wonderful people at eventide would add the input level parameter in a future update!! Any thought?