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"For instance, do you want to process both external sources AND VSTs at
the same time? If so, how are you going to monitor the result? Will the
H8000-FW be your only interface?"

that was the main idea yes! but i could record audio trogh my other souncard and put effetcs on after as well if this is not possible. the most importent thing thoe, is to be able to use it on allready recorded stuff in my DAW. and if this is not working ok on FW i could just buy the H7600 and use the SPDIF in/out right? i really dont need 8channels of effects anyway. the way i work o bounce, and bounce, and .. that has some positive side effetcs. my drives et filled with nice processed sounds:)

i can do on the H7600 the same stuff like on the H8000 right? of course on less channels.

thanx for your reply it helped me a lot..