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Nice to hear, the importance of software control and software programming is very important. And it should had been released the same day h8000fw was released.  

However, I see absolutely no reason why it should be released as RTAS only. VST has way better compatibility and work for ALL users/platforms/Daw's, not only a few percent of "elite" users in big studios.

Also we have in the 5 last years been moving more and more towards smaller home studios…who have a tighter budget…for us to buy a Pro Tools HD system is a stupid choice, especially since their DSP-based technology is outdated, Pro tools only competition force was their dsp power…not the software itself, now their DSP power has been runed over by Native solutions, especially the Core i7. And the whole Pro Tools HD system is cost a lot…and I do not like the idea that we now are forced to buy pro tools just so that we can program the h8000fw from software.

I have heard the argument from Eventide, that "VST" format has limitations in the development environment, in fact I do not buy that argument, there is a lot more complex and demanding VSTs out there,  the E-control is after all only a sending and receiving midi signals. 

I have also heard rumours that the reason why Eventide will never release VST, is because they have a deal with digitech, of course this is only a rumor. 

Personally I would be willing to donate to any programmer who is willing to make a software that make it possible to program the H8000fw, I am sure there thousands of persons out there that would be more then willing to do that also, cause we are desperate for a VST-based software. 

IF Eventide themselves have no will or desire to satisfy their customers, then we have to find a programmer OUTSIDE of eventide who is willing to earn money, and make a small program that will make it possible to program the H8000FW through midi in vst software format. if all could be controlled through midi it would open up endless amount of posibillties, you could control the h8000fw from your synth, or use automation etc… you would be able to integrate the H8000FW with your DAW on an whole NEW level.