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Thank you,

Yes I am aware of the difference between and series and parallel effects loop. Fortunately I am not stuck and my amp can do either one with a toggle switch. What I wasn't aware of was modulation effects working better in a series loop.

Series loop is not the way to go for me and your website is all over that issue as well. I need to preserve some of the amazng natural tone of my Fryette and blend with the great sounds from both the stompboxes. I will just have to run with the parallel effects loop setting and crank the send level up. As it turns out, not that much of a big deal, I just don't like to run it hot for extra noise reasons. I am a little surprised that they weren't a bit more balanced between each other in a parallel loop configuration.

I can't run the MF between guitar amd amp, because I need to use the hi-gain from the existing pre amp tubes therfore I must use the MF after the preamp of my head.

Fantastic products and love the sounds. They are becoming an integral part of my rig and help contribute to a really killer tone!

Thanks Again