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      When I put the Mod Factor in my effects loop, I can`t hear any of the effects or if I do very, very faintly. I should mention I also have my Time Factor in the same loop and it works perfectly on every effect. I have tried to reset the MF to factory defaults, then I downloaded and installed the update from the website. Nothing I`ve done makes a difference.

      If I put the MF between the guitar and amp it works fine. Put it in the effects loop and I can`t hear any of the effects.

      Any suggestions
      Thank You

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      I'm guessing that you have a parallel effects loop. This type of effects loop mixes the dry signal with whatever effects are in the loop. 

      A series effects loop, on the other hand, replaces the dry signal with whatever effects are in the loop.

      Delay effects work better with a parallel loop but modulation effects work better in a series loop (or between guitar and amp, as you discovered.)

      Some amps give you the ability to switch the type of effects loop, but others are 'hard-wired' one way or the other.

      If you are stuck with a parallel effects loop then your best bet is running ModFactor between guitar and amp.


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      Thank you,

      Yes I am aware of the difference between and series and parallel effects loop. Fortunately I am not stuck and my amp can do either one with a toggle switch. What I wasn't aware of was modulation effects working better in a series loop.

      Series loop is not the way to go for me and your website is all over that issue as well. I need to preserve some of the amazng natural tone of my Fryette and blend with the great sounds from both the stompboxes. I will just have to run with the parallel effects loop setting and crank the send level up. As it turns out, not that much of a big deal, I just don't like to run it hot for extra noise reasons. I am a little surprised that they weren't a bit more balanced between each other in a parallel loop configuration.

      I can't run the MF between guitar amd amp, because I need to use the hi-gain from the existing pre amp tubes therfore I must use the MF after the preamp of my head.

      Fantastic products and love the sounds. They are becoming an integral part of my rig and help contribute to a really killer tone!

      Thanks Again

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      Another thing you could try is wet/dry setup- a technique a lot of top session players are using. It involves miking your cabinet and sending the mic signal to a mic pre, then from the mic pre to the delay-based effect (like TimeFactor). Then TimeFactor output goes 100% wet to a different amp (or stereo pair of amps.)

      With this setup you could put ModFactor in the series effects loop and blend in the TimeFactor using the other amp.

      This is obviously a more elaborate setup but it sounds fantastic.


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