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Many thanks for the reply immediatra.

first of all let me apologize for my English Big Smile

 My intention is precisely to point out what I consider a rather trivial to lack a "Series" effects of this level. I think if we look at the series "Factor" only as a stomp box, and light years ahead of direct competitors.

 But the series is not just a factor stom box series consists factor and (currently) 3 units. The fact that they are equipped Killdry it suggests the possibility of application in the effects loop in parallel. But these effects can not communicate with each other (not in parallel) was given the opportunity with a simple parameter to add.

 Just add the volume control effect as surely as have the Eclipse is a multi-effects compared to other brands that do not want to quote.

 In fact, if we do not cut out and put inl Killdry mix at 100, atilizzare can bypass without problems … everything sounds normal, belonging to the volume effect that is forced, by failing to control dedicated to be at the maximum.'s obvious that with this control, the series factor can be used "live "in parallel without having to line mixer you've bought or looper truebypass that in addition to adding costs add weight to our set up.

 I conclude that adding a user who buys TIME  FACTOR + MOD factor  will not have major problems in the 2 pedals genstione simply putting the time factor in the loop and the mod factor "in front". Big problems for BUYER instead deciding to trust completely in the hands of the series"FACTO" by buying factor "TIME FACTOR + PITCH FACTOR" this because both have to work in FX loop having both complex environments to manage .

I hope that this is  considered a contribution  constructive not a  criticism ,

and I very much hope that with new updates, we can find a solution

Thank you for your attention

your customer ….