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The Timefactor sounds amazing. After I tried it at a guitar store I couldn't get that clean sparkly delay out of my head. As I went home, I began thinking about those lush modulations enveloping the echoing sounds coming out of that amp at the store. I tried Line 6 M9 – meh, junk. Not even close. Much cheaper but dull sounding.

The next day the guitar gods smiled on me. One of the sales guys from the guitar store calls me up. I I bought a Marshall JVM 210 Combo from him 3 weeks earlier. Marshall just dropped the price on their amps. The sales guy is putting $350 back onto my credit card.

There was only one way that money was being spent. I went back the next day and bought the Timefactor. I also tried Empress Superdelay but didn't like it as much.

That was a few months ago, I still love it and I am still amazed at the beautiful sounds coming out of that box. All those poor people out there trying to squeeze out a decent delay out of their Multi-FX boxes. Eventide got it right. It ain't cheap, but you know where the money went.

I also got a Modfactor a week ago. Another amazing sounding box. You can't resist but to go into Van Halen mode with the Flanger and the Phaser. I am still figuring it all out. I lose hours just tweaking and playing.

I got this crazy sound by combining the undulator and band delay. It's swooshy and haunting at the same time. Trippy as hell. Just turn off the lights..

Thanks Eventide for putting so much time and effort into these boxes. Thank you for providing continuous support and updates to an existing product. That is one of the reasons why I felt confident buying the Timefactor and Modfactor.

Anyways, I am having so much fun finding really cool new sounds. Maybe I'll get a Pitchfactor for Christmas.