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ok, so aside from any plug-in…. are you saying the Audio can go to the h8000 over the firewire connection?    will pro tools m-powered recognize it as an output?   (just trying to avoid any unnecessary conversions)…. but then the problem will be the presets that only run on 48k or 44.  and then a possible need for a big ben clocking device or something like that.

(quick question, does the 8000 still have presets that are great for stereo that the 7600 does not have – assume i will not be doing surround…  so i mean for stereo only – does the 8000 have presets that are whey out compared to the 7600?).  and can I hire anyone to program special sequencers on the 8000 so that i can modulate the note resolution of the speed of the stepper/sequencer? – or are these already in many presets – sequencers which I can just assign a CC to control note resolution in the 8000/7600 if i get that).