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Yes, either that or figure it out.  Some may no realize how helpful this could be.  I know you can save settings to your computer, but only in a black box sense.   To archive you presets, or rearrange  them, sure, that is a great tool.  However not showing the parameter settings in the tool is a major limitation. In order to save anything to the pedal, you have to overwrite something.  And with 50 presets, we can't be expected to fully evaluate them immediately, it just would be really helpful if we had hard paper copy to return to to decide over time which of these presets has interest for us.  That info has to exist somewhere.  At least in code.   Although I find it hard to believe that a hard copy does not exist somewhere outside of code.  But even if it is in the code, it may be documented there, and easily reproduced for our consumption.