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Hahahahahaa, in retrospect I'm sure I sounded pretty angry but the whole thing was fueled by other factors that led to a band wide blowup.  High comedy I say.

Anyway, I was wrong about the power supply.  I tested it again and after realizing the thing was no longer under warranty, took it apart and did some tests internally.  The power supply is completely fried; the tests were showing intermittent current.  I was able to get the TF working again by attaching the red, reverse polarity, cable of my Voodoo Labs PP2+ to port #6, switched away from normal.  According to Voodoo Lab customer support this is a functional fix… we'll see. 

These wallwarts have to go…
The biggest criticism I read about these pedals have to do with these massive power supplies.  Nobody should have to buy a separate, 3rd party, product to cure this ill.  This is the kind of thing that will drive me to other products in the future.  While I like the MIDI functionality and sound of the Eventide product I will take a harder look at analog pedals that I can service myself and won't become landfill fodder so easily.