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      I have a TimeFactor that is a little over a year old. 
      Tonight my drunken drummer stepped on the power supply strain relief and separated the cord from the relief which exposed both sides of the wire shorting out the cable and the TimeFactor. I was able to remove the strain relief and repatch the cable ends using crimp connectors to the power supply.  My multimeter tells me the cable is producing current and there are no shorts.  The TimeFactor still does not power on, it appears to be completely dead.  We managed to eliminate the drummer tonight but the TimeFactor is still dead (right about now I'm wishing the drummer was instead)!

      1. Is this something that is covered under warranty? 

      2. If not, is there a user serviceable fuse somewhere inside the unit that might have blown?

      3. Would anyone have any idea what might be wrong or how to tell what is wrong?

      I work on and modify my own tube amps and I have built several guitars and analog pedals so

      I have a vague idea of how to get things done.

      I honestly do not have ANY money to pay someone to fix it, I have been unemployed for three years now.  I would prefer to figure out the problem myself and fix it as it has become an integral part of our band which plays psychedelic surf-metal… without a delay I'm pretty much screwed and I can not replace it right now.

      4. That said, if I somehow come up with expendable income within the next five years how can I get this thing serviced by a professional?

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      Hahahahahaa, in retrospect I'm sure I sounded pretty angry but the whole thing was fueled by other factors that led to a band wide blowup.  High comedy I say.

      Anyway, I was wrong about the power supply.  I tested it again and after realizing the thing was no longer under warranty, took it apart and did some tests internally.  The power supply is completely fried; the tests were showing intermittent current.  I was able to get the TF working again by attaching the red, reverse polarity, cable of my Voodoo Labs PP2+ to port #6, switched away from normal.  According to Voodoo Lab customer support this is a functional fix… we'll see. 

      These wallwarts have to go…
      The biggest criticism I read about these pedals have to do with these massive power supplies.  Nobody should have to buy a separate, 3rd party, product to cure this ill.  This is the kind of thing that will drive me to other products in the future.  While I like the MIDI functionality and sound of the Eventide product I will take a harder look at analog pedals that I can service myself and won't become landfill fodder so easily.

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