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1) What is the right connection for best results of pitch shifting/harmonizing effects? The Eventide H7600 – H8000FW before the pre-amp in head's input or in the effects loop of the head?

Eventide pitch shifting/harmonizing for guitar sounds best after distortion, so I would put the Eventide in the effects loop of the amp head.


2)If the best result is in the effects loop,then i cannot use at the same time any "compressor" effects,because the "compressors" giving better results before the pre-amp in most cases.

With the H8000's multiple ins&outs you could have one set for pre effects like compression and the other for post effects like harmonizing. With the H7600 you could use a switcher/looper to change the location of the effect in the signal chain.


3)What about the Choruses,the Flangers,the Phasers and all the other effects?How they're working before,or after the pre-amp section?I want to mention that i'm plalying with high gain distortion in most cases.

Choruses generally sound better post distortion but there is no rule here. Flangers and Phasers can sound cool either way so it depends what sound you like best.


4)I saw in internet that most guitar players who prefer those harmonizers, using the H7600.How do they solve the same problem?Maybe they choose what effects they want for pre or post amp and sacrifice the others.Because if they didn't wanted to sacrifice something they could easily choose the H8000FW.

I can't speak for all the guitar players out there but as I mentioned above you can use a looper switcher to get around this problem.


5)The H8000FW which can run two presets simultaneusly could it be a solution,or this probably makes my guitar rack setup too complicated and it will make me not to concentrate at my music,but playing all the time with knobs and messing around without the expected results?  Because i didn't find until now a guitarist who's using the H8000FW  only for his amplifier.Most people using this "million miles away" "MOTHER of all the effects processors" units in their studio,not in a rack case for a hard rock / heavy metal band.

We at Eventide provide tools to take your music to the next level. How you use these tools is up to you. Some people do spend a lot of time tweaking sounds but others find one preset that they love and keep the unit on that preset all the time! If you are trying to find your own unique signature sound, the H7600/H8000 will help you do that.


6)Can someone use the H7600 with other effects on left and other effects on the right channel?Because,if this can happen,the guitar is a monophonic instrument and if a preset can split in left & right effects,maybe a guitar player can run a "compressor" on left channel (mono ofcourse) in pre-amp and a pitch shifter/delay/reverb on rigth channel (mono ofcourse too)in the effects loop.But….with this connection maybe we loose part of the harmonizing parameters because of the monophonic connectivity?Maybe is much too complicated than the two presets(two machines) we can have with the H8000FW?What is better?The harmonizing effects need to be stereo too work at 100% ?If stereo is nesessary,then even if i have the H8000FW,i can't have all the power of Eventide harmonizer with my 100watt tube giutar head,because the effects loop in tube guitar heads are mono. 

While it's possible to create dual mono effects from scratch (and there are some dual mono presets already) most presets are meant to work in stereo out of the box.


7)Please….-with the hand on heart- is the H8000FW too much and too "megalomaniac" for an electric guitar head?Because i saw that even Steve Vai,John Petrucci,Steve Stevens and so many other great guitar players choose the H7600.Maybe because is less complicated than the H8000FW monster,maybe because they use one or two effects only of this great unit and they don't need more…I don't know.But, i'm thinking that,if the H7600 is ok for those great guitar players,why i'll need more than that and buy something that makes my rig more complicated and i will use only little of the power of H8000FW? Maybe all those great guitar players use H7600 only  in pre-amp or in the effect loop and complete their setup with pedals….i don't know.Give me your lights please. I will use the Eventide unit only for electric guitar and the main reason i want to buy something so special is the pitch shifting/harmonizer parameter.But….you know how it is….when you have something…you use it.When you buy an Eventide, you're opening  new horizons for your music and your inspiration.If this unit has(and ofcourse an Eventide unit has) a "compressor" that making my cleans  "out of this world" why i will not use it?

If you look at the rigs of Steve Vai or John Petrucci you will find that they are extremely complex, with numerous effects devices. I don't think these players choose gear based on whether it is complicated or not.

If your rig consists of only a [decent] amp head and an H8000 I believe you will have everything you could ever need. There is a button on the H8000 to switch between the two effects engines. Other than that, preset selection is as simple as on H7600. You will find that you will also be able to use the H8000 in the studio for mixing, as well as for a soundcard via the Firewire ports. There aren't many effects devices that actually make your skin tingle but H8000 does it!


8)Can a custom switcher like those Bradshaw swithers,solve this problem,swiching the unit from the pre-amp to the effects loop and back,or this is too complicated also?

Yes, as I mentioned above these switchers solve the problem.

Thanks for you interest in Eventide! I hope I've helped!