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Okay, I think I found another solution.

If I went with the Tech21 Midi Mouse (MM), which utilizes a 5 pin DIN capable of receiving phantom power over pins #1 & #3, and DVM Electronics Phantom Power Insertion Cable (PPIC), I would plug the PPIC's male 5 pin DIN into the Timefactor's MIDI in port, then connect the PPIC's 5 pin DIN to the MM's 5 pin DIN with a standard 5 pin MIDI cable. I would then plug the 2.1mm power cord from the PPIC to a 9V 100mA port (which is exactly the MM's power specifications) on my iso-5.

The PPIC's instructions states that it only sends power to the controller, and not toward the Timefactor. I guess I would just have to make sure that the Timefactor does not utilize pins #1 & #3.

Any comments would be appreciated.