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I've been able to successfully name presets that started with numbers. When I recall the preset, just the name appears for about 5 seconds. It scrolls if it's too long to fit on the display (almost all my names are). But, after about 5 seconds, the bank:patch number appears before the name. Is this what you're seeing? It's not that the TF is adding to your name, it's displaying both the name and patch number. So in your example, it'd end up displaying "2:1 2minutes".

Personally, I like it this way, because it provides a visual reference to the patch number. Without that, I wouldn't know whether I wanted to go up or down to find my next preset, since the list isn't sorted alphabetically or any other way than by patch number.

Maybe if enough people request it, they could give us the option of turning preset numbers on or off… some people have said they preferred the old way better, too, so maybe that option could include preset names on or off as well.

I like finally being able to name my presets, but it was never a deal breaker for me. I've always organized my presets by number, all the way back to the beginning of my rack days in '87, using the name as more of a notation field, but that's just the way I do things and I'm sure it doesn't work for everyone.