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I've been able to successfully name presets that started with numbers. When I recall the preset, just the name appears for about 5 seconds. It scrolls if it's too long to fit on the display (almost all my names are). But, after about 5 seconds, the bank:patch number appears before the name. Is this what you're seeing? It's not that the TF is adding to your name, it's displaying both the name and patch number. So in your example, it'd end up displaying "2:1 2minutes".

Hey timothyhill, thanks for your reply. I understand what you're talking about, but that was not the case in my example. When I've typed "2minutes" to my 2:1 preset, then saved it and then recalled it, the display immediately showed "2:1 2minutes" (not after 5 seconds, like with my other presets that start with letters). The device actually merged the bank:patch number with my title! That was strange to me, especially because that didn't happen when naming my 1:1 and 1:2 presets. Then I said, ok – maybe I shouldn't start with numbers. So I've changed "2minutes" to "twominutes", and guess what – the bank:patch number disappeared! (it did show up after 5 seconds, of course, but this is obviously what Eventide wanted to happen).
Now, if you say that you've succesfully named your presets starting with numbers, the only thing that comes to my mind is this: maybe this "bug" happens only if the bank number and the first number in the preset title are the same? That was the case in my example. Unfortunatelly, my TF is now travelling to the town where I have a gig tomorrow, so I can't check if this is true right now, but it is worth checking.
However, I can live with that, but since we are talking about a beta update, I understand that we are all beta-testers, so if my example helps to improve the final version, I'm happy.