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In my experience, any effect by any manufacturer, analog or digital, when going from "true bypass" to active, exhibits some degree of tone change. I think "true bypass" has become more of a marketing ploy, like "class a," something that we're made to believe we need to have that we don't really. While it's true that pedals from the '70s sucked tone when bypassed, when the pedal's input and output buffers are properly designed, they actually benefit your tone instead of killing it. I can assure you that the buffers in the TF are as good as any and better than most.

Try using DSP or DSP+DLY – your tone won't change much at all, and (if you turn SPILL ON), your delay's will fade naturally instead of being abruptly cut off the instant you hit bypass. KILLDRY needs to be OFF in a series loop.

If you're dead-set on using true bypass, try using it in the parallel loop (not series) and turning KILLDRY ON.

I remember 10 years ago or so when series loops were outdated-devil-spawn and only parallel loops were googd for anything (yeah, right).

I'm using my TF in the series loops of my Mark IV or Mark III, or the parallel loop of my DualRec, or in front of several other amps. It sounds good with all of them. I also have a Deluxe Memory Man… yeah, it's a great pedal, but the TF can do 9 effects the DMM can't, store them in any of 100 presets (DMM doesn't have presets), and… want to talk about something that seriously sucks tone when bypassed? Mine's about 10 years old now, so maybe they've fixed this in newer versions, but I had to have mine modified to make it even usable. It really is a great pedal, my favorite analog delay, actually, but since I got the TF, my DMM sits on its shelf quite a bit.