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Let me see if I can explain the signal flow better.

I am running Pro Tools HD3 version 8. I have an older Apogee AD16 and DA 16. Both of these units talk to Pro Tools through a Digital 192 via adat optical. I also have a newer Apogee AD16 that talks through a card like all of the newer units.

I have and Eventide H8000 that is connected via AES to the Digital 192. BNC wordclock cables start with the first Apogee unit and loop with all of this gear. I am using the apogee clocks for word clock.

When I create an aux send in pro tools I use and i/o on channels 15 and 16 of the digital 192 and the eventide H8000. Once I bus a track to this aux send I get a nasty digital noise that pegs the meter board. I have gone over and over the owner's manual and all inputs are set up properly in the H8000. I also know that all AES cables are good because I have tested another digital effects processor with the same cables and I/os in pro tools. It is very clear that the problem is the Eventide itself..

I did notice that the Eventide is reading the correct sample rate of 48K but it's flashing. Should I start the word clock loop with eventide or should I end the loop with the word clock???

any more suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for your help