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A couple of things to consider. I don't think it's a manufacture hardware solution. I wouldn't think of it that way or write this off. The knobs are in place already – its just the framework and how the knobs interact/sensitivity jump is the issue. It should be mandatory that a pedal this expensive and capable of so many wonderful tones and programming features be able to have the basics down by fine tuning on the fly and not go through all these motions that work against the songwriter in editing mode.

The 2 issues here are accessing the fine tune feature and the display of your actual delay time. Both are working against making 1ms increments and close to impossible to achieve, especially on the fly. After those 2 issues have been considered, the next component to update would be to update the catchup feature and making it more responsive to a lock function once you've edited your delay time. Maybe an option in utility/catchup/auto to go into auto lock mode with catchup, since currently it is a gamble that catchup will even activate if the preset and delay time is saved. I preyed many times catchup would activate once I've saved a delay and feedback time. No dice and then started from scratch.

Looking into a rack mount to solve this is not the solution. I've been there and just am looking for a delay foot pedal solution for something that is quite basic to achieve. We are all making our guitar gear more portable these days, especially when consistently playing live. This pedal is being marketed as the goto solution in delay and programmable needs. Stressing the programmable needs. It's the reason I bought TF and not for all these bells and whistles. I'm among a massive amount of players out there that need digital delay time to lock, display, be edit friendly, and then able to set accordingly to songs in increments of 1ms. Especially electronic based songs where the guitar sometimes leads the tempo. Electronic music is still very much alive and being played by young guitarists everywhere. Tap tempo doesn't cut it in these scenarios. If it did going in and fine tuning the delay time would still be VERY tedious and inconsistent per the reasons above.

The Yamaha UD stomp has been the closest with their fine tune feature. But what worked against them was the complexity to edit that basic feature. You guys can really own the market with utilizing such a basic feature/request that would make so many delay time editors (guitarists) happy. It can be done.