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I'm not sure if this affects only my unit or if it is a bug.

What happens is if you set Saturation to 0 then save the preset, when you get out of that preset and come back to it, the Saturation will be 10 (strum your guitar) even if it displays 0 when you turn the Saturation knob.

Or to describe it more accurately, when you save the preset with whatever Saturation setting you set it at, it will load the OPPOSITE value of the Saturation you set it at when you come back to that preset.

So e.g. you set Saturation at 2 and save it. Select another preset and go back to that preset and the Saturation will be at 8 even if it still displays it at 2. Likewise if you set it at 8 and save it, go back to the preset it will be loaded as 2. and so on and so forth.