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I have the original ground control setup and also with the stereo mixer from them.

I have the ground control configured to control tap tempo, rpt, and then doing program changes as well.  Because i'm using it with the stereo mixer I don't have to bypass the unit but instead just use one of the ground control loops to either send signal to the TF or not.

hope that answers your questions.  let me know if you need any specifics.  I remember most of the work being on the TF side.  You need a cable that is stereo 1/4" on the TF side, that breaks out to two mono 1/4" connectors on the other side.  Plug the two mono cables into the out loop jacks on the ground control, then configure in the TF.  I think you also have to change the config on the ground control so the switches are latch, can't remember the exact settings here at work.