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Nobody ever wants to read the manual … sigh.

Essentially you have to get some familiarity with Vsig. Also recognize that these may not all fit. Assuming they fit, this is broadly what you do:

Open a new document, set View/As Graphic, then select the first preset in the current machine. Make sure your serial or MIDI is connected to the computer and working, then do a MIDI/Get. After a few seconds, this will give you a diagram with all the modules on top of each other. Do an Edit/Reposition to space them out. Note carefully the connections to in1 etc and out1 etc.Repeat this with the other presets, so that you have four files, each one preset. Then create yet another new (empty) file.

Go to each of your preset files in turn, and set View/As sigfile. Then Edit/Select All. Deselectthe first line (HEAD or HEADM) by Ctrl clicking it. Then Edit/Copy. Then, go to your empty file and Edit/Paste. Repeat this for the other files, making sure to move the pasted modules so that they are not all on top of each other.

Then, add extra inputs and outputs  by clicking on the ins and outs and using Edit/Add Repeating Field. Having done this, connect the ins and outs to the points you noted as connecting to in1 etc. Then, save the file, and do MIDI/Send to get it to the unit. If it complains, it will be too big.

Like I said, you will have to practice and learn a bit – there is a lot going on here. The first time you do this, it will take hours and it may not fit. With experience, you can do it in minutes.