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That sound is a shimmer.  It's a comination of effects including delays, pitch shifting and very highly saturated and long decaying reverbs.  The PitchFactor can emulate this to a degree with it's crystals settings.  I do it by setting A10-B10 then A gets -2c and I adjust B from +2c for a standard delay or get the crystals going up higher, say around +720c for a higher sound.  I then set the reverb saturation to 80 and the decay to 7 seconds.  The delay time and decay are adjusted to flavor the sound. 

This still doesn't quite compare to the shimmer sound is a strymon reverberator.  This is really the sound you want.  Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmWBQgiqjtY  He doesn't really turn on the shimmer until about 10 seconds and then keeps bumping it up.