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Thanks for the quick response.  The midi cable is good, but I did go back and check one setting, to make sure the master pedal has the midi output set to XMT (Doh, on my part, but it doesn't cover that in the video, and now it has broken something else).

My setup is a Digital Music Ground Control, with loops, etc.  So i have the Ground control midi out going to my Time Factor, then the midi output of the TF goes to the midi in of the Pitch Factor.  I'm using a loop on the Ground Control to set tap tempo on the TF via the aux switch input.  I had the midi output on the TF set to Thru so the Program changes from the ground control will change patches on the TF and Pitch Factor.  

Now if I set the TF output to XMT, the program changes don't pass through and change settings on the Pitch Factor it stops at the TF.   I'll mess around with PGRM map and PGRM XMT/RCV, but in general I'm hoping i don't have to create a separate program for every possible combination of patches between the TF and PF.  That would be a lot to remember 🙂

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.  Bottom line, is there a way to have Midi output set to XMT on the TF so the midi clock works, but also have the program changes flow through the TF without having to setup a map for every program?