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Hi there fellow H8000FW users!  Smile

Hiya Andy!

When I'm using headphones (more than I'd like, due to working at night with roommates), it's plugged into my iMac's 1/8" headphone output.

I understand, I do a lot of work at 2-3AM while the wife and kid are asleep…

However, I'd like to add an additional pair of headphones so a vocalist can have his/her own personal monitor when recording, while I have my set of headphones to monitor as well.

Do you want to have two separate mixes?  A lot of times, I'll work with musicians and while I listen to a complete mix, they only want a partial mix.  For example, I recently recorded a guitar player, and when he was overdubbing rhythm tracks, he only wanted to hear the guitar, drums and bass, but I monitored the entire thing…

– Is there an affordable mixer you'd recommend to go out of the H8000's 2 available outputs, to create more outputs for headphones (and speakers)?  Would the quality of the audio be compromised by this addition to the signal chain?

(WARNING – RELIGION!)  Some would say you're compromising the quality by using the iMac's headphone output.  There is a big difference in the output sections between your Mac and your Harmonizer!

Seriously though, are you just trying to lay down some tracks or are you doing your final mix and/or mastering for a high dollar project?  If you just need a simple monitor mix, there are lots of cheap mixers out there.  I use a little Behringer for that kind of stuff.  (Blasphemy, I know, connecting Behringer and Eventide devices.  Heehee…)  Also, how good is your vocal mic?  If you're running a cheap condenser, it's hard to justify an expensive monitor.  At the same time, if you have a $2000 tube mic with a $1000 preamp and a $1500 compressor, it's hard to rationalize using a cheapo monitoring system!