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I've wished, several times, the the Factor pedals had a MERGE option, not just XMT and THRU. Maybe someday…

One option is to use a MIDI merge box. This would allow you to merge the MIDI from the Ground Control with the MIDI (clock info) from the TF, then send that merged signal to the PF. You'd have the TF MIDI OUT set to XMT in this case.

I personally don't have any experience with MIDI merge boxes, I just haven't ever needed one. In looking around, I might suggest taking a look at the M-Audio MIDISport 2×2. It does merge 2 MIDI inputs into 1 MIDI output, but does a few other things, too (USB-MIDI interface). Like I said, I've never used this, but it looks like it'd do what you'd need it to do. I think the price is around $70.

Anybody else have any suggestions? I know there's got to be another way to do this, preferrably one that costs less…