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      Hoping someone can help me with a setup question.  I currently have the TF and PF being controlled by a Ground Control Midi/Audio Loop System.  I am running a wet dry setup so taking a line out of the guitar amp, running into the Ground Control system, to the TF/PF that are in Parallel through a mixer and going to a power amp and speakers.

      The Ground control allows me to send midi messages to each stompbox independently, so when i sent program #1 to the TF, i can send the same message to the PF, or send nothing at all. 

      The physical connection is a midi cable from the Ground control, to the TF, and daisy chained to the PF.  I have Midi output set to through on the TF so program change messages can still work independently as described above.    On the ground control I have the aux switch cable connected so i can set tap tempo on  the TF.  I love the way it is setup and how flexible it is.

      Here is my problem, i am trying to set things up so when I set tap tempo on the ground control, it adjusts the tempo on the TF (working fine today) but also want it to set the tempo on the PF at the same time.  The only way I can get this to work is to set midi output on the TF to XMT.  This fixes the tempo issue, but then kills my program change flow from the ground control.  I set XMTMAP to on at the TF hoping it would allow the program messages to flow through, but no luck.  the XMTMAP only send a program change if you use the footswitches on the TF, and I'm controlling it from the Ground Control.

      Any suggestions?  I know that a lot to digest but looking for any help.  I did note in the release notes that a fix was put in place in Version 3 (what i'm running on both units) so that MIDI clock is off when the midi output is set to Thru…….that's too funny because that's exactly what I want to have happen, go figure.   I guess I could go back to Version 2 software….



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      I've wished, several times, the the Factor pedals had a MERGE option, not just XMT and THRU. Maybe someday…

      One option is to use a MIDI merge box. This would allow you to merge the MIDI from the Ground Control with the MIDI (clock info) from the TF, then send that merged signal to the PF. You'd have the TF MIDI OUT set to XMT in this case.

      I personally don't have any experience with MIDI merge boxes, I just haven't ever needed one. In looking around, I might suggest taking a look at the M-Audio MIDISport 2×2. It does merge 2 MIDI inputs into 1 MIDI output, but does a few other things, too (USB-MIDI interface). Like I said, I've never used this, but it looks like it'd do what you'd need it to do. I think the price is around $70.

      Anybody else have any suggestions? I know there's got to be another way to do this, preferrably one that costs less…

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      thanks for the feedback on the midi merger option.  i didn't know that device existed Smile

      i think I would need the midi merger plus a midi thru box so i could split the original midi out from the ground control, then take the original midi signal to both the TF and the midi merger….Ugh. more stuff….

      I could just plead to Eventide to please make Midi Clock when the output is set to THRU as a selectable option Big SmileBig Smile

      Please, next software release request, put the option back to have Midi Clock show up on the Midi output when THRU is selected.



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      I'm also in dying need of this kind of midi-merge option  …trying to sync a modfactor with a T.C. G-Major II both controlled from a Rocktron All Access pedal board.

      My Modfactor used to have this feature (sending clock while midi out being configured as thru), unfortunately it was removed with the V3 software.

      I wrote the technical support about this many months ago, but never got an answer. ;-((

      As is figured out so far, the only way around this problem would be using seperate midi-thru and midi-merge boxes in front and after the modfactor…. and basically i think it's a shame that i have to consider workarounds like that for an Eventide unit that elsewhere offers an exemplary midi implementation.



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      Wouldn't setting each factor on a separate midi channel accomplish this while having the TF set on XMT?  The only thing you might have to do is edit your patches to send a separate message to the PF within the same patch so that the GCP would send 1 message to each factor.

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