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I use all 3 factor pedals at once, but I can't say I've noticed an increase in noise. I'll be adding the Space as soon as it comes in (on pre-order). I haven't notice that adding additional factor pedals increased any noise in my system, either. So, at least in my case, stacking these pedals didn't increase the noise.

From your signal chain, it looks like you're using the TF in front of your amp. Have you tried it in the loop? I think the Alchemist has a parallel loop, which isn't necessarily ideal, but it may help reduce some noise in your case, depending on how you use the TF and how you've got the amp's loop levels set.

Hiss can be introduced by incorrectly set levels. While there's not much you can do in-front of the amp, you might want to check to make sure that both level switches on the TF are set to "guitar"/"amp" and not line level. I'm sure you'd notice if they weren't, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

Have you tried putting the TF in front of your boost/drive pedals? You may not like the sound that way, with the delay before the drive, but if you're using the drive channel on the Bogner, the delay's already in front of that. It could be that the TF is delaying (and therefore prolonging or exaggerating) any hiss coming from your drive pedal.

You could try disconnecting everything, running guitar straight into the amp, then introducing one pedal at a time. That way, you might be able to isolate exactly where the noise is coming from or under what conditions it gets worse. It could be caused by a bad cable or an impedence or level mismatch between two pedals.

Anyway, I know these are just some basic ideas, and it's possible that there's a problem with your particular TF. I hope you can isolate and resolve where the noise is coming from, or at least it doesn't get worse if/when you add the Space. One last idea is to try a noise gate before the TF. I'm not a huge fan of expander/gates in general, but gates that can trigger from a different signal than the signal they're gating work a little better. For example, the Boss NS-2 has a loop built into it so that it is triggered by the guitar before any effects, but gates the signal after distortion is added.