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Right now, I'm just using the wall warts that came with the Factors. I think that if they were being under-powered, additional hiss wouldn't be the only symptom.

Zikamuricpe brings up a good point… the design of the loop has a lot to do with how much noise is introduced. The loop in the amp that I most frequently use has a return level after the loop, so I can send as hot a signal as I want to the pedals, then bring it back down before it hits the power section. That helps a lot with noise. I think any pedal, or any audio device for that matter, will introduce more noise if it is operated at lower than expected signal levels.

Pretty sure the OP, thehafe, wasn't running the pedals in the loop, though. Of course, signal level is still a component, and could be why the noise level is higher. I would think that the guitar/amp level selection on the Factors would effectively compensate. It appears that thehafe has these switches set up correctly, too, though. In front of the amp, different types of pickups in the guitar could potentially make a difference (e.g. active vs. passive, high output vs. low output, etc.).