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Hi Nick,

It has nothing to do with input sources. When the same input sources are fed to a TC M3000, I have absolutely no noise at all. I got in contact with another user who has an H8000FW and he tried the same preset and he told me that while there is noise at 44.1 when he switches at 96 Khz, all noise disappears. Both units have 5.5 so I don't think it's a OS issue, either.

You mentioned about the plex feedback… well it has nothing to do with the plex feedback either because even if I set this to zero, there is still noise. The funny modulation pattern disappears when the mod-depth is set to zero, at which point there is still a lot of noise. Changing presets doesn't alleviate the problem, selecting the Thru preset for both DSPs doesn't alleviate the problem either. The only way to get rid of the noise is to just bypass the unit.

This is extremely frustrating and I just can't live with it. I have to get rid of this noise in Izotope RX, after recording enough noise so that it knows what to remove – and the results aren't always satisfactory because Izotope cuts a few highs and so I have to equalize the recordings again. I am not sure whether I can live with having spent so much money on a machine that is praised for its excellence – but fails to deliver in this respect.