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I've been on a dramatic quest to procure the perfect dubstep bass wobble for a techno/dub band I'm currently playing in.  I know the DJ can make the sound out of ableton and whatnot, but i want to be able to shred that damn sound using SOMETHING. I've been trying to combo the effects with my eclipse with no luck, so perhaps someone here can suggest a strain of effects. Ideally it would be a detune/Sawtooth/Square mix with some flange and phaser where i could modulate the speed of the phase/flange via tap tempo and have an expression pedal jump to rhythmic values quickly?

Hmmm, OK, after a few minutes of experimenting, I came pretty close by using a Clavia Nord Modular routed into the Eclipse.  I created the basic sound with three oscillators and an LFO in the Modular, and then had some fun with the filter algorithms in the Eclipse.  You could also try the ModFactor presets. Try ADSR for the shape parameter for extra fun…

Also, i have two effects loops on my amp, so can i program two effects blocks to 1 and another 2 to 2?

You can use a dual mono setup to have two different effects for two different effects loops.  Check out the Eclipse Program Signal Flow document…

Here's a link to a sample of the sound i want to reproduce or make something comparable.

Cool, thanks for turning me on to something that I haven't listened to before.  And I know it sells, but I am so ready for that obvious autotune stuff to go away.  ROFL!