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This is more of a question than a potential solution.  I'm an interested bystander and prospective ModFactor buyer.

Is it not possible to use the secondary modulation controls (S-Mod; D-Mod; Mod Rate; Mod Source) to create at least rudimentary slicer-style 'patterns'?  The ModFactor documentation is excellent, but it's difficult to determine how distinct the sonic results of this might be.

In my mind's eye, I'm picturing the primary and secondary Rates as tempo-sync'ed divisions of each other, high Depths, and the Source determining the overall shape or envelope of the 'pattern'.

For what it's worth, the Pitchfactor does have pre-programmed amplitude patterns as part of its Harpeggiator mode.  And I've had success using CC sequences over MIDI to create AdrenaLinn-type patterns in its other algorithms.  In a live situation, the downside would be that you'll need access to a MIDI sequencer in hardware / software form to replicate those 'presets'.    That may or may not be an option open to you.