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Just listened to both the soundcloud track and youtube vid, and they are both absolutely gorgeous. Really lush, and the track with the doublebass in particular has a lovely ethic flavour in parts. I am now nicely chilled out so thanks very much for sharing 🙂

I also happen to have the Lexicon 300 as well so also very interesting to see someone else using that reverb unit as well 🙂 And if you happen to have any lexicon 300 presets that you wouldnt mind sharing I would love to try them out on my 300. I cant remember if I have any presets other than the factory ones, as I ended up having to do a factory reset a while back and not sure if I backed up first, but will check next time in case I did manage to save the other presets on there and will let you know if so.

Thanks again. Great stuff 🙂