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so i dig some digging on the forum and it seems like hiss is a problem others have had. that being said i have done some troubleshooting in the mean time. I had thought that my vox didnt have this issue but i was wrong. the hiss is there but only noticeable at high volumes.

my tests were done with just the timefactor my vox ac15c1 and my guitars…

amp on by itself no inputs = no hiss.. dead silence

amp with guitar 1(usa fender tele highway one stock) = no hiss

amp with guitar 2(Epiphone LP w/ gibson standard pu's) = no hiss

Eventide(Set at guitar & amp) > amp = hiss

Eventide(Set at LINE LVLS) > amp = hiss

Guitar 1>Eventide(Set at guitar & amp)>amp = hiss

guitar 2>Eventide(Set at guitar & amp)>amp = hiss

Guitar 1>Eventide(Set at LINE LVLS)>amp = hiss

guitar 2>EventideEventide(Set at LINE LVLS)>amp = hiss

everytime i used the eventide i got hiss… lower volumes not a big deal with my vox but this amp also doesnt have a dedicated efx loop either… im not expecting much difference when i try my timefactor with my orange next time…

i did notice that some people talked about some kind of buffer. could someone name a product that would work and maybe explain this a little.