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Thank you, Nick.  Yes, I do appreciate the depth and richness of the MIDI control.  Really impressive.

However, do you know if it's capability includes being able to use the H8000FW as a sample/looper?

Ideally, I'd like to send a MIDI message to begin capture on DSP A (the one of the two "machines" that has access to three minutes of capture memory), and then send another message to playback that captured audio through DSP B–and it's, potentially, different effects chain.  

I'd also like to control that playback to just play once, or loop indefinitely.

The reason for all this is to play in realtime through DSP A, and it's assigned effects; capture the dry input of that signal; and then play it back through DSP B and its different, assigned effects chain, while simultaneously playing–in realtime, again–through DSP A.

This would be very much like the basic functionality of a simple looper, with the addition of redirecting the playback to DSP B, and its effects.  The beauty of that is the playback could be a guitar rhythm section, and then realtime accompaniment to that sample playback.

Make sense?

Thanks again!