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YOU'RE IN LUCK!! Music Theory nerd here. Consequently, I love love love Dream Theater.

The song overall is in Em, but it changes keys and modalities all the time, so you will not be able to do this with one patch. You will need at least three.

0:00-0:07 Octave down.

On the first three notes, there's an octave effect. Octaver mixed 50/50 wet dry should do the trick. Easy enough. 

0:07-0:13 No pitch effects. Can we say ROCK?

0:13:0:20 E major in 6ths

Even though the song overall is in E minor, it borrows from the major key here, so you will need to program a Diatonic harmony in Emaj. Depending on which harmony you play, you may have to tune a 6th up or a 6th down. It sounds to me like JP is playing the low part and harmonizing up a 6th.

0:20-0:58 ROCK OUT! Bypass the PF but don't change patches.

0:58-1:05 That E major with 6ths lick again.

1:41 and 1:46 ONLY on those high bendy, tappy fills, Diatonic E Harmonic Minor up one 6th

1:46-6:14  Pray to God you have the skills.

Hope that helps.