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      Hi, I have a PitchFactor and am looking to emulate John Petrucci's Fatal Trajedy harmonizer sound.  You can here this here:

      It's at 1:42, but I'm sure you've all heard this before. 


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      You might want to start out with a base patch similar to this: PitchFactor Harmony Thirds discussion.  Use the Quadravox mode for more voice layering options, or switch to the Diatonic mode, with the ability to 'recycle' harmony voices.

      I didn't spend enough time with your example to nail down the exact key center & minor scale variation, but change the Key/Depth and Scale/Speed knobs to the appropriate values.  Those two quick phrases sounded like the FX routing might have included a thick flange, or at least some significant detuning.  If you'd like to emulate that effect using only the Pitchfactor, you'll need to adjust (in Quadravox mode) the Delay A knob somewhat higher than 4 ms.

      For realistic harmony lines, I'll often assign an expression pedal to the wet Mix (0% – 50%).  That gives the ability to weave the harmony lines in & out smoothly, and break up the illusion of a 'perfect' second guitarist tracking the lead lines.  But for sudden entrances (like those found in your example), try assigning the Mix knob to an aux switch instead.  You'd want the harmony to snap in and out.

      Under System settings  – AUX SW –  KB0 >  (select TIP/RNG /T+P).  MIN VAL 0%  MAX VAL 50%.

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      YOU'RE IN LUCK!! Music Theory nerd here. Consequently, I love love love Dream Theater.

      The song overall is in Em, but it changes keys and modalities all the time, so you will not be able to do this with one patch. You will need at least three.

      0:00-0:07 Octave down.

      On the first three notes, there's an octave effect. Octaver mixed 50/50 wet dry should do the trick. Easy enough. 

      0:07-0:13 No pitch effects. Can we say ROCK?

      0:13:0:20 E major in 6ths

      Even though the song overall is in E minor, it borrows from the major key here, so you will need to program a Diatonic harmony in Emaj. Depending on which harmony you play, you may have to tune a 6th up or a 6th down. It sounds to me like JP is playing the low part and harmonizing up a 6th.

      0:20-0:58 ROCK OUT! Bypass the PF but don't change patches.

      0:58-1:05 That E major with 6ths lick again.

      1:41 and 1:46 ONLY on those high bendy, tappy fills, Diatonic E Harmonic Minor up one 6th

      1:46-6:14  Pray to God you have the skills.

      Hope that helps.

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      I just realized I totally went overboard on the answer since you just wanted to know about that section at 1:42, but if you combine my advice on the scale with brock's on the effects, you'll get close.

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