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For that kind of effect, I would focus on the H910/H949 mode in the Pitchfactor.  Change the Scale / Speed knob to Normal for the finest incremental changes and the largest overall range.  (Or to Micro if an overall range of approximately +/- 100 cents would be sufficient).

Target the Pitch A and/or Pitch B knobs over MIDI [KB2KB3].  Set your MIN VAL to 0.800 and your MAX VAL to 1.200 in the PitchFactor, or set the limits externally in the MIDI transmitting device.  Set the Key/Depth knob to MODERN for the most accurate output.

In the MicroPitch mode, it's possible to stretch the maximum detuning range to +/- 100 cents.   "Latch" the Flex button physically, with a 'dummy' AUX SWITCH plug, or assigned over MIDI to an 'on' state.  The values set in the Pitch A / Pitch B knobs are doubled.