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As a former MPX1 owner myself – I'd say Space does an excellent job for those "meat and potatoes" reverb tones as well.:-)

I've found the Hall, Room, Plate and Spring algos to be tweak-able enough to give everything from transparent "only notice it when it's missing" kinds of reverbs, to the much more obvious, lush and effect-y types of reverbs. You can dial it up or down as needed.

For traditional tones I'm REALLY liking the Spring algo, especially with its Tremolo functions which can get a very nice surf-y amp trem kind of sound (of course, the virtual springs won't give that satisfying explosive "Booooinggg!" you get from kicking the side of a Fender Twin at the beginning of "Wipeout"……but I get the feeling something could be arranged somehow when stepping on the HotSwitch…. LOL)