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All excellent suggestions brock! 🙂

Unfortunately in my case, I'm a former MPX1 owner in the literal sense – I sold mine some years ago to help facilitate the purchase of my Chapman Stick – so I no longer have one around anymore  to use as a MIDI controller. Same with my hardware MIDI sequencers I've owned – long gone once I moved into a DAW environment for recording

(I also record with a guy who has a super-massive synthesizers.com analog modular rig synth/sequencer rig.that stands taller than I do (along with a full-blown Kyma system)…but lives about 1500 miles away so is kinda out of the question for this too… LOL)

While I know I could certainly use various DAW-based MIDI functions to achieve the kind of functionality I was describing with the theoretical HotSwitch "morph" idea, with some thought and planning – it really wouldn't be what I'm looking for with this particular rig, which is largely geared towards live spontaneous ambient/soundscaping performances….being able to have that kind of flexibility right there in the pedal itself would really be a boon for that kind of thing: one of the many things I love about both of my 'Factor pedals in general is how well geared they are towards that kind of live performance flexibility. 🙂

I like the idea of this kind of additional HotSwitch functionality becoming available perhaps someday – it's one of the nice things about having hardware based on software guts like this – but it's not something I just can't live without. For now I'm happy with it being in the "wish list" category for the time being. 🙂