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I went to the NYC store where I bought it and I showed them your reply to my post: we were both SHOCKED by the lack of professionalism and how disrespectful this reply is. I do have sense of humor but I believe this is totally out of place here. I just said that I already own 2 of your stompboxes plus Space which make a total of $1100 of my hardly earned money spent for Eventide effects and the reply that I get is " Feel free to change it if you want the reassuring click"?!. I do not need to be reassured by a click, what does this mean? That some units work silently and some do the click but both work perfectly fine? BTW I already exchanged my unit and it does the click so why just not admitting that the unit I had was not working properly? I don't understand that but what I do understand is why you guys have to approve our posts before publishing them, you know? Just give us some professional support and take the humor away. Thanks