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A lot of people recommend the Ground Control Pro or units by Beringer or Roland, and while I'm sure their all great, they're all WAY too big. (My band is not U2 and I am not the Edge, for goodness sake.) If I replace the MidiMate, I will do so withe something smaller. Four buttons and a bank up/down would be plenty. Cost is also a factor. Any suggestions? (Preferably from those who have first-hand experience.)




LOL, I hear you and felt your pain.

I had the MIDIMATE and it was OK, BUT I found it too restrictive in features
and a pain to program.

I looked around and found that a lot of the other Small/ Cheaper controllers
lacked things like the ability to change the way MIDI CC was used for Tap
Tempo…result is that the Factors end up with tempo 50% of what you want etc

In the end I went for a Ground Control Pro and have not looked back, in all
honesty it is not as big as you might think in comparison to the MIDIMATE and
programming is soooo much more flexible and easy ….so much easier, I do not
need to reference the manual when I want to change something on the fly at

One or the selling points of the GCP was that there is an freeware editor
available, it is so easy, I have NEVER needed to use the computer editor…even
for a MIDIot like me.

There are things like the MIDI Mouse and MIDIMOOSE, but they do not allow
nearly as much flexibility as you might need….. if they do offer what you
need now and in the future then great, but I wanted something that was flexible
enough to change with my needs.

Good luck