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@Laffa, That's awesome. If I had $800, I'd buy THAT. Heck, if I had $500, I'd ebay all my other MIDI gear to buy it, including my Axess Electronics loop switcher and amp channel switcher, since it does the job of those as well. Very nice. (RIP Axess Electronics)

@Quintessence, The Liquid Foot Jr. Is likely the one I'll save up for. More than I wanted to pay, but A MIDI Mouse/Moose just wont cut it.

@badmelonfarmer, No amount of goodies or awesomeness will get me to buy anything that is even one millimeter bigger than the MidiMate. (Thanks though) Why? Because Ive decided my entire rig must fit inside this… 

Pedal Pad AXS II (It's great. I actually stow my distortions and compressors in the hidden compartment along with a MIDI looper.)