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I had not used the tuner before, only have the Eclipse a few weeks, but your post prompted me to try.

I am a guitar player and am not convinced it it the most useful tuner for a guitar players needs ie what we are used to looking at, but it did seem to work for me.

the things I noticed that were different…

1. It does not work in Bypass mode (Guitar players might expect this)

2. The standard display has a line that you must get to the centre, but it looks like a 50% complete bar, rather than a needle

3. You can click on the pitch and it will display the +/- cents to the string you are on

4.The note button just displays the note ….eg E6 and not if it is flat or sharp.

It is a different looking tuner, it seems to work, but I think it will take a bit of getting used to.

Not saying it is bad, just not what I am used to as a Guitar player.

Are you seeing anything like this??

For reference I have it in the FX-Loop of a modelling unit and I found it better if I bypassed the modelling unit FX.