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the Pitch Factors Harmodulator or Harpeggiator should be able to mimic it

"Mimic it" would be exactly the right phrase.  The AdrenaLinn III uses a resonant filter to produce it's 'arpeggiator' patterns.  (I'm not sure if the ModFactor can reach those self-oscillating resonance levels, but it's a thought for absolute accuracy).  Then, you'd need to hit all of those 'perceived pitches' in a 2-bar, 32 step sequence.  The PitchFactor is going to … shift the input pitch.  That's going to give you a very different result from the ADR III's resonant filters.  That said …

Please note that consecutive, identical steps will sound 'tied' together in the resonant filter (without using the AdrenaLinn's A-D envelope generators).  So, the first measure and a half are perceived as 12 eighth notes.

The Harpeggiator mode doesn't have a pitch sequence that comes close.  Its filter sequences don't match, either, and won't reach resonant levels that will produce 'pitches'.  The Harmodulator mode can be "sequenced" externally (the PitchFlex, 910/949 – Chromatic, or even the Crystals mode would work; concentrating on Pitch A / Pitch B only).  But it won't be 'painless', or contained completely in-the-box.

In the image above, the Measure / Bar 1 & 2 listings translate 'Roger Linn Design' to the Eventide equivalents.  (910/949 will be ratios.)  BUT you'd have to take extra care to avoid 'transposing' the sequence with your signal input.  With the ADR III, the sequence will always be the same; regardless of input notes.

The 'solution' would be to sequence the correct CC values to match Eventide's pitch intervals, point the selected CC number to Pitch A and/or Pitch B in the System menu, and create your own "Harpeggiator" sequence in one of the other PitchFactor modes.  It's going to require an external sequence connected to the MIDI IN jack (OUTPUT = THRU).

I didn't upload the MIDI sequence that goes with all this, but if there's enough of a need for it …  I'm getting quite the collection of PitchFactor CC sequences compiled here.